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Advanced Energy Systems is an HVAC comfort system installing and servicing company, serving Lewis and Thurston and surrounding counties since 1982. When you are in need of a professionally installed ,energy efficient heating cooling system give Advanced Energy Systems Inc a call and our team of professional HVAC experts will deliver and properly install a new high efficiency heating and cooling system for you.


Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating Solutions give you the most advanced technology that allows you to enjoy more precise comfort in one of multiple rooms-while saving on energy bills and contribute to a greener planet. Unlike traditional ducted systems, our systems give you the flexibility to transform any room into an oasis of comfort. So now you can enjoy pricise temperatures in sunrooms, workspaces, bedrooms, garages - we even have whole home solutions. Read More


Heat pumps move heat energy from one area to another in both directions. The pump can bring heat into an occupied area or take it out. In cooling mode, a heat pump works like an air conditioner, using refrigerant to absorb heat as it vaporizes and release heat when it condenses. An evaporator is used to take in heat and push heat outside through the condenser. Both the condenser and compressor are located outside the space to be conditioned, and the evaporator is inside. A heat pump is different from an air conditioner due to the heat pump's ability to reverse the direction of the refrigerant, allowing the heat to be pumped in either direction. Read More


Rest assured that all heating and cooling systems Advanced Energy Systems installs will be serviced by Advanced Energy. Our factory-trained technicians and 30 years of experience are available to all of our customers. An annual maintenance contract ensure that your equipment will be inspected and serviced yearly to keep them working at peak efficiency. Customers with service agreements receive reduced service rates and priority scheduling. Read More


Indoor Air Quality should be every ones concern. We all spend more time indoors these days, and with tighter home construction, were not seeing the higher levels of air exchanges we used to .The off gassing of volatile chemicals from construction materials , furniture, cabinets, etc. are a leading cause of serious health problems today. Individuals with compromised immune systems are most at risk from poor indoor air quality. Read More